Colours of Light

Look at the colours coming off the Diamond Pulse Pro – same 7 Blue LED’s and yet the light is radiating magenta. This is magic

The DIAMOND PULSE PRO… continues to surprise us with its magic.

Colours and frequency are coming forward along with some beautiful understandings of its properties. Testimonials keep flooding in and the most recent one from Melisa is that she noticed a significant difference when she had the light going in her room during study. She tested this one day and had the light off and then when she turned it on again it was as if she could focus better.

Thanks Melisa for providing such a wonderful understanding.

We are keen to catalogue these experiences so if you have any you wish to share please email me.

Stay tuned to this space:


3 separate tests. 2 of them blind. We are excited to find out what this little device is all about.

Always with love

Vicki & Christopher


We sat for hours and long after sunset came into being. It was so fun to create a place where we can record the details of the Star Pulse Pro and Diamond Pulse Pro and the experiences people are having. is as much about love as it is about these devices. It is with love for ourselves and for each other that we get to experience how remarkable life is and the joy in every moment, even now.

One of my favourite experiences with the DPP & SPP (abbreviations for Diamond Pulse Pro and Star Pulse Pro) is the feeling of a still mind that seems to last all day. After running the device during the evening there seems to be a quietness in my mind that is greater than usual. Sure, I do my own spiritual and meditative practices every day and these are key to remaining centred and aware however this is something new.

The feeling of a still mind all day, regardless of eternal influences or internal machinations of the mind, is something we have both experienced after using the Diamond Pulse Pro /Star Pulse Pro.

Blue Light

Now if you are like me, technical information is only of interest when you are keen to learn. So if you are interested in some technical information on Blue Light you might like to read on. This is purposefully simple…

Blue Light – well you know visible light is split up into the colors of a rainbow. At one end is red and the other is blue/violet. This is the light we can see with our eyes. When you get to the blue end of the spectrum it is called High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light. Why high energy? Well light is a wave and the shorter the wave length the higher the energy so blue light is around 400-500nanometers and as the wave lengths are shorter than say red light which is around 700-800 nanometers we have more energy in blue light than in red light.

Light is a beautiful construct of our reality and all light has energy. So the energy in blue light that we can see is the highest of all our visible light. Beyond this we have Ultra Violet Blue light which has even shorter wavelengths and is invisible to the human eye. The invisible electromagnetic rays just beyond the visible light spectrum are sometimes referred to as UV radiation, which is a short way of saying radiated energy. Ultra Violet Blue Light has many wonderful healing properties and is also known to assist in the production of Vitamin D which is an all round support for brain and body.

In the Diamond Pulse Pro & Star Pulse Pro we use High Energy Visible (HEV) light Blue LED’s. These blue lights are emitting energy and some of the research into light and light therapy indicates HEV light boosts alertness, helps memory and cognitive function and elevates mood. I am no expert nor are these medical claims so please do your own research into the properties of blue light.

The Journey Begins

How it all started!

One morning, I woke up with two numbers in my mind and a Big question, what would happen if we had just a little bit more love and a little bit more joy? How would this change us? From this grew a wish and a desire to find a way to bring into our being just a little bit more love and a little bit more joy. Somehow I knew there was a frequency that would affect the human body and offer our brains and our bodies a respite from the constant bombardment of thoughts, energies, fields that may be keeping us in a state of lack, fear, doubt, unhappiness etc. I just knew this was possible and that it was accessible for all; a device that was reasonable in size, shape, price and profoundly simple. With a lot of love, great trust and a deep understanding of the powerful ability we have within us to affect our reality the ◇DIAMOND PULSE PRO was created; and soon after the ☆STAR PULSE PRO.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the greatest